The Youth Card is an initiative from the General Directorate of Youth and Sport of the Community of Madrid and CaixaBank which gives young people living in the Community of Madrid, aged between 14 and 30, lots of benefits and discounts on several services.

These advantages are not only available in the Community of Madrid. If you're a Youth Card holder you can also enjoy the benefits offered by other regions in Spain along with more than 37 European countries involved in the Youth Card scheme.

Youth Card Features:

  • Personal and non-transferable.
  • Valid from the date of issue until you're 31 years old.
  • Approved by all other autonomous regions in Spain and European countries adhered to the program through the EYCA (Opens a new window) (European Youth Card Association).
  • For young people coming from outside of Europe, or living in a country where there is no national card organization, the EYCA headquarters offers the possibility to buy the card online through the Kiosk shop and have it delivered within two to three weeks. More information (Opens a new window).
  • Includes free travel assistance insurance cover anywhere in the world. This insurance takes effect automatically from the time you acquire the Youth Card. The insurance policy varies depending on the type of card you have , whether it be a youth credit card, debit card or the conventional kind (Opens a new window), they all have one policy; on the other hand , if you have a Youth Prepaid Card (Opens a new window), it will be another policy number. The number to call is 91 594 96 11 europ-assistance or 0034 91 3590426 if calling from abroad.
  • In the Community of Madrid (Madrid City + 179 municipalities) reside over 1,200,000 young people aged between 14 and 30 years.
  • 457.000 cardholders
  • Market penetration 39%
  • 4.000 new cards are sold per month (on average)
  • Points of sale:
    • 2 youth offices in central Madrid (on the spot)
    • 3 youth offices on the outskirts of Madrid (in 7 days)
    • 663 bank branches all over the Community of Madrid (in 10 days)
  • The card costs 4€ (one time, no renewals, covers from age 14 to 30)
  • The Youth Card includes a travel assistance insurance with coverage anywhere in the world